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Automotive’s Most Powerful Lead Generation Tool

Looking to accelerate your dealership's online leads? Autobot is the Australian Automotive industry's first Chatbot exclusively designed and developed in Australia to generate high quality leads and provide your customers with lightning fast customer support 24/7.


The Future of Automotive Lead Generation

Supercharge your leads with Autobot’s revolutionary online dealership experience that seamlessly automates your customers journey through sales, finance, service and much more.

Lightning Fast

Connect and take care of your customers in seconds with Autobots lightning fast response time and user-friendly layout to secure new high quality chat leads.

Extremely Lightweight

Autobot is the lightest Automotive Chatbot tool on the market. This lightweight design allows for a quicker load time so you can connect with your customers faster without impacting your website’s performance.

Stock Integration

Autobot seamlessly integrates with any stock feed and allows your customers to browse and submit enquiries on the vehicles that fit their specifications and needs all within the Autobot chat.

Facebook Pixel Integration

Autobot integrates with Facebook’s pixel giving you a clearer indication of the performance of social media campaigns to optimise your digital marketing output for better results.

Google Analytics Event Tracking

Get crystal clear tracking and insights into Autobot’s performance and how your customers interact within the chat with Google Analytics event tracking.

Entirely Automated

Autobot is a first of it’s kind 100% automated chatbot solution that provides your customers with lightning fast support 24/7 to keep your customers satisfied outside of business hours.

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How it works

Autobot makes 24/7 customer support lightning fast and easy for your dealership with our entirely automated chatbot system.


Step 1

The customer is asked to select from the major services provided by your dealership such as New & Used Cars, Finance, Service or Trade-In.

Step 2

The customer then follows a lightning fast decision tree that helps the dealership identify the type of service they are looking for or vehicle make and model.

Step 3

The customer then provides their basic contact information and submits the lead for the dealership to then follow up on.